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My Number One Poshmark Selling Tip

In a perfect Posh world, you would share an item and a girl who has been looking for the exact same item will see it in her feed (and it’s her size!) Boom, you got a sale!

We all know the chance of this happening is slim to none. Since being an active member on Poshmark, I’ve noticed there are typically two types of Poshers – people who are buyers and others that are sellers. There are some people who are both, but many who buy from my closet aren’t selling much.

So, technically everyone on Poshmark is a potential buyer, but what if you could target buyers by brand, size, and style? I used to just share my listings and wait for all the buyers to come to me. That is until I figured out how to proactively go out and find potential buyers.

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I created the following strategy to get my closet in front of the eyes of people I think would be interested in what I’m selling. This strategy has been a game changer for me and one of my favorite Poshmark selling tips.

What do you want to sell?

To start, choose one specific item to focus on. Let’s say you have a Madewell shirt you are looking to sell. You’ll want to find Poshers who liked other Madewell listings or have bought other Madewell items on Poshmark. Unfortunately, there isn’t a list you can reference, so it’s going to take a little bit of detective work.


Start by going to the shopping tab on your app and select the brand you are looking to target. It will pull a feed of all the items listed under that brand sorted by the latest shared. There you can see what other people are selling, how much they are selling them for and who is interested in those items.

Once you have the feed pulled up, click the funnel icon on the top right to access the filters. There, click through to the category menu and narrow down your search by subcategory. Using the example of the Madewell top, you’ll want to choose Tops as your category and Button Down Shirts as your subcategory.

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So far so good? Cool! But don’t stop there with the filters – we’re going to get even more targeted. 

Finding your potential buyer

There are millions of users in Poshmark so you want to find the ones who would not only be interested in the style of your item, but will also fit in the item. It’s time to get a little more specific.

Let’s say that Madewell shirt you are trying to sell is a blue and white plaid button down in a size six. You will now want to use the filter to sort the feed by color and size.

Poshmark selling tips

Now you have a super targeted feed of items that are the same style, color, and size of your item. Go through these listings take a look at the comments and likes on the bottom. These are your potential buyers. 

Those Poshers like the brand, similar items and are the same size. Now all you have to do it get their attention.

Hey, over here!

Now that you narrowed down your potential buyers, it’s time to make some friends. Go to these Poshers closets and share some of their listings. Send them a nice comment that will help you stand out. This will get their attention so they can potentially check out your closet.


Make sure the item you are trying to sell is at the top of your closet feed. If these Poshers check out your closet, you’ll want the targeted item to stand out and be seen right away.

Also, checking out sold listings can also help you improve your listing and get it sold faster. Could your images be better? Is your price too high? Is your description missing something? You want to create a listing that will grab the attention of buyers.

If you scroll all the way to the end of the filters bar, there is an availability tab. There you can sort listing to see what has sold.

Most of the time you will also find some correspondence between the sellers and buyer on sold listing making it pretty easy to find the Posher who purchased it. Those Poshers like the brand and can also be potential buyers. They may not by this time but it doesn’t hurt to introduce them to your closet.

Happy Poshing!


One response to “My Number One Poshmark Selling Tip”

  1. Chas Mitchell says:

    Thanks for your tips! Really enjoyed your tips and have been trying to do all of them! I started “poshing” about a week ago and have had fairly a little success. So I would say Im happy for the most part. I am also having a lot of fun with it and treat it like a small business. I make sure that I am only putting the best I can find and what things I would want to buy on there. I could use some help with some poshing tatics to better my closet. Can you explain a little more in depth on how I start a Host Party or get my items to be the host pick? Please feel free to check out my page! @saintsclosey

    Its supposed saintscloset but I messed up the spelling it and they wouldn’t let me change it :/

    Thanks so much,
    Charles Mitchell

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