Visiting Copenhagen

Visiting-Copenhagen- The Happiest City In The World

Andrew and I traveled to Denmark November 2014 for his birthday trip. Visiting Copenhagen is wonderful, with plenty of things to see, do and eat right in the heart of the city.  We had such a great time I want to share with you our Copenhagen itinerary.

We a stayed in an Air Bnb studio apartment in Nørrebro. It was about a 30 minute walk from city center (15min bike ride) with lots of things to near by. Everyone speaks English, making it very easy to get along. You can get anyway by bike, the food was great and it was all decorated for the holidays. Heres is our Copenhagen trip itinerary.

Day One

After settling in to our apartment, we started discovering our neighborhood. One of the popular streets in Nørrebro is Jægersborggade. The quint, clean block is filled with white buildings, galleries, shops, as well as wine bars, coffee shops and restaurants.

The Coffee Collective is known to serve the best coffee in the world, so naturally we had to try. The brew was strong and the shop was very homey. It feels like you walked into someone’s kitchen. We walked through Assistens Cemetery which was very beautiful and burial site of Hans Christian Andersen.

Oysters and Grill Copenhagen

That night we had a great seafood dinner at Oysters and Grill. It was absolutely delicious and reasonably priced. After we went to Mikkeller and Friends for some beers. This became our go to bar for the rest of the trip. There is a big variety of tap beers (about 40) as well as ciders and wines.They also have some snacks like home made dried sausage. It had a great chill vibe and the bartenders were really nice.

Mikeller and Friends

Day 2

We started our morning with some baked goods at Meyers Bageri. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. It smelled so good in there I didn’t want to leave. We grabbed breakfast here every morning after. After, we walk to the city center and strolled down Strøget which is one of the longest pedestrian shopping streets in Europe. Buzzing with lots of people commuting, shopping and site seeing.

In the afternoon, we took a boat ride through the canals. It was cheap and a great way to see the city. We tried to get into Taarnet, the restaurant at the top of the Christiansborg Palace, but sadly found out you need reservations. However, we were still able to go up to the tower and see great views of the city. Ended up eating at Cocks & Cows instead. Great burgers

Tivoli Gardens Christmas

That night we went to Trivoli Gardens, an amusement park right in the middle of the city that was built back in 1843. There are rides, attractions and during the holiday season they had a Christmas market. I even saw white peacocks! We enjoyed the picturesque winter wonderland drinking our Irish coffees.

For Dinner, we went to Pate Pate in the Vesterbro area. We had a bunch of small plates and bottle of wine. Cool atmosphere, awesome food, a little loud.

Day 3


We headed out early to The Blue Planet Aquarium. It was small, so you can do it in about an hour and a half but it was great. First, the architecture of the building alone is worth seeing. Once you get inside, it feels like your in a huge fish tank. There is a 1,100,000 gallon tank holding sharks, stingrays and some of the largest fish I have ever seen.

After, we headed to The Church of Our Savior where you can climb to the top of the spire for sweeping views of Copenhagen. I went up about half way up and was feeling a little claustrophobic so Andrew went up by himself.

A few blocks away, was Freetown Christiania. A commune type neighborhood regulated by the “Christiania Law of 1989”It was a little dirty in parts, a lot sketchy in parts but overall really interesting. We walked through one area called Pusher Street where you can buy green if you know what I mean. Do not take pictures here.


After a long day out and about, we wanted to have dinner close to home. We went down the street to Antidote Vinbar. It had excellent Italian food and our waiter was a really cool guy from Sweden.

Day 4

After coffee at our local cafe, Riccos, we headed to Carlsberg Brewery where we did a beer tasting, tour and saw the largest beer bottom collection in the world. There was a lot to see and do so we spent most of the afternoon there.

Carlsberg Brewery

We returned to the city center to hit up some some Christmas markets. We sampled home-made mulled wine and cider. If your there during the holiday season there are lots of cute little holiday street fairs.

For dinner we splurged. The owners of Mikkeller & Friends have a tasting restaurant  as well called Ol &Brod where they do food and beer pairings. It was very pricy but a great experience. The food was interesting but delish and the service was phenomenal. There are only a few seats so its great for a date.

Day 5

We started our day with a segway tour of Copenhagen. Yes, I said segway tour. It was super cheesy, super fun and a great way to see the city. It’s pretty cold there in November, so just the two of us were on the tour so it was nice. Our tour guide took us to all the major sites like The Little Mermaid and The Royal Palace.

Copenhagen Segway Tour

For Dinner, we went to Gorms for some pizza. It was a really cute rustic restaurant and wine bar. If we had more nights, I would have gone back.

A few blocks away was a jazz club called La Fontine. It was pretty crowded, but people are always coming and going. After 30 minutes we got a seat. The cover was $10 and the music was great. Totally worth it.

Day 6

We spent the day walking around the city and doing some shopping. If you like thrift stores there are plenty but not what you might would expect. Most of them were filled with to the brim with clothes from the 80’s and 90’s and are kind of pricy. I didn’t end up buying anything but it was fun to look around.

We went over Ravnsborggade in Nørrebro where there are tones of antique shops. Unfortunately all of them were closed on Sundays. Sooooooo disappointing.

Bastard Cafe at Huset

We stumbled across this board game store in the city center and the clerk recommended a board game bar close by. What a score! It was in a place called Huset that hold events and concerts. On the lower level was Bastard Cafe. They have every board game you can possibly imagine. They serve some bar food, coffee and drinks which are really cheap. We spent hours playing Stratego. I lost most of the time.

Day 7

It was our last day so we only had until early afternoon. We checked out Foderbrættet which is a gourmet hotdog and champagne restaurant. I know it sounds strange but it was great! We shared 4 different hotdogs all of which were so different but so good.


This site helped immensely when planning our trip.