Welcome to Finders Keepers!

Laura Fiebert HobokenI’m Laura, the girl behind the glowing screen delivering you my latest Poshmark Tips, yummy recipes, and rants. From making coffee tables to trip itineraries I’ve always been a “do it myself” kind of girl. It comes with lots of mistakes, but it always keeps learning and discovering new things all the time. At 32 years old I have finally found a way to make some money doing what I love, thrifting. 

I truly believe you don’t need to spend a lot to feel good, look good and live a great life and I want to share everything I learn with you.

 I live in Hoboken, NJ with my husband Andrew and Cat Abby aka Kitty Muffins. I‘m an avid knitter, coffee drinker, and thrifter. I love traveling, cheap champagne and thrifting.

Here are some fun facts about me. 90% of my wardrobe is from a thrift store. I love the Bachelor (and Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise). I have a thing for ripping perforated paper. I would eat pizza every day of my life if I could.

Besides my Poshmark Business and site, my husband Andrew and I run a website and podcast called Listen Money Matters where we teach people how to manage their money like a badass. I work on booking guests, managing projects, writing and being the podcast editing extraordinaire.

Hope you find something here to inspire you!

If you have any questions or just want to say hi email me at [email protected]