Free Art In NYC

By Laura
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    From the inside of gorgeous architectural structures to dingy subway stations, there is tons of free art all over NYC. For tourists and New Yorkers alike, The Chelsea Art Walk is a quintessential part of the New York art experience.

    I don’t consider myself an visual art enthusiast, but I do enjoy admiring others peoples creations. It’s inspiring, boosts creativity and gets me thinking.

    Chelsea Art Walk Galleries

    If your looking for a fun, cheap cultural day in the city, plan a day to visit The Chelsea Art Walk. There are way less crowds then most of the popular Museums around town and the best part is they are all free. The home of about 350 galleries, Chelsea is packed with tons of character, culture and this insect toilet.

    Chelsea Art Walk Galleries

    You can just wander around leisurely through the streets between West 18th and West 27th Streets on 10th and 11th Avenues or create an itinerary before hand. They have a great app with all the current and upcoming galleries including descriptions and a map with locations. If your going with a group, you can even print or share your itinerary.

    Chelsea Art Walk Galleries

    Chelsea Art Walk is known mostly for its contemporary art galleries, but there are places featuring, fine art, sculptures, photography, and paintings. On my last visit there was even an interactive art exhibit that you can climb as well as a light exhibit.

    Chelsea Art Walk Galleries

    Before or after your walk, make a stop at the High Line. It is is a is a 1.45-mile-long old railroad track turned urban park. In the summer they have vendors selling gelato, coffee and all types of other goodies. There is even a outdoor bar, Terroir on the Porch at about 15th street.

    Wine Bar On High Line NYC

    After walking around for hours, your going to be hungry. While in the area, check out Chelsea Market. It was built in the former Nabisco factory (where the Oreo was invented), lies a full city block filled with any sort of delicious treats you possibly want. If your looking for something specific, they have a map of all their markets.