Tips For Becoming a Selling Machine On Poshmark

By Laura
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    When I first started with Poshmark, the only thing visiting my closet was crickets. After a few weeks, I had my first sale, and I was pumped. However, the next one didn’t come until a few weeks after, the next a week after that, the next a week after that – you get the point. This went on for a couple of months, but my following kept on growing at a slow but decent pace.

    Energy and persistence conquer all things. – Benjamin Franklin

    Fast forward a year and now I am selling multiple items a week, sometimes multiple items in a day and it still keeps growing. It’s pretty easy to get discouraged when you first start out, but if actively try to grow your business, you will getting offers every day in no time. I’m going to give you my best Poshmark tips I’ve learned since I started selling.

    Create a Share Schedule

    Being active in the Poshmark community is the single best way to grow your following and sell more items. There are two types of shares in Poshmark- self-shares and community shares.  Self-shares are when you share your listings to your followers or a party. It’s a way of marketing yourself. Then there are community shares where you share other people’s listings to your followers. I do both of these everyday.

    Try to participate in at least one party per day. You will get an alert on your phone when there is a party going on so go into the app share any I have relevant listings you have in your closet. And just a heads up for all of you who share incessantly to the parties, your listing will only appear in the party feed during a party once. It will not get back to the top if the feed. Those other 50 shares of the same item will only end up in your followers feed.

    I relist all of my listings once a day. This allows my listings to be shared to my followers as well as get refreshed in specific brand and category feeds. My more popular items I’ll share a few times a day which helps me get more followers and likes. I also take ten minutes a day to share other Poshers listings. This is a great way for getting more shares and make some Posh buddies.


    Nailing Your Listing

    You are going to get what you give when it comes to your listing. If you put zero effort into making your listing look nice, you are going to get zero likes or shares. This is going to make it so much harder to sell. Start by taking clear and bright cover images.

    Poshmark tips catYou’ll want to write good descriptions and take measurements. Sizes differ from brand to brand so listing something as a size “large” is vague when it comes to clothing. Include chest, waist hip and length measurements. You can even have your cat help if she’s up to it. Abby over here is a team player ;)

    The more descriptive you are, the more likely someone will feel comfortable buying the item without seeing or feeling it first. Accurately represent your item in your listing -a crumpled garment laid out on the floor of a dark room isn’t going to cut it. Listing images are everything so take photos that stand out.

    The Price is Right

    When it comes to Poshmark, most buyers are going to send you an offer rather than just flat out purchasing an item. Maybe 1 in 50 orders someone will just buy something without a negation, and I get very excited. However, for the most part, you need to account for offers when deciding on a price.

    When setting the original listing price for your items, you want to go a bit higher then what you want to sell it for. But not too high, you don’t want Poshers to think you’re greedy. You also want to make sure your customer feels like they are getting a great deal. So, how do you find that sweet spot so that you and your customer look like this lady after the transaction?

    Poshmark tips Pricing

    So, let us just say I bought an item for $2 and wanted to flip it for $20 – I would start with listing it for $30. How did I get to that number? Well, first I account for markdowns. After getting 20+ likes on a particular item, I will have a “flash sale” or “price drop” and lower the price by 15-20% which leads to a quicker sale. After this markdown, my item now went from being listed at $30 to $25.

    Poshmark Tip: Lower your items on Thursday or Friday -that’s when people get paid.

    It’s important to note that if you lower your price and then raise it again the next time you lower it will not show its discounted unless you go lower than your lowest listing price for that item.

    Ok, moving on. I’ve also been keeping stats on my listings and on average I end up selling items for 15-20% less than the listing price after an offer is agreed upon. That would now bring the example item from $25 to $20. When all is said and done I end up selling it for the price I was hoping for.

    Ask For Host Picks

    Especially when you are first starting out, you should reach out to party hosts and ask for Host Picks. BUT you have to do it the right way. If you’ve hosted a party before you know what happens. You literally get hundreds of notifications leading up to the party. Your phone is just blowing up nonstop. The last party I hosted, the day of I had thousands of notifications. I couldn’t possibly keep up or take a look at everyone’s closet who messaged me. Who did I choose?

    First, those crazy long comments with all the emojis….. don’t do it. It’s obnoxious. You clearly just copy and paste the same thing every day to all the host’s party listing (see below). Maybe it works for some people but not for me. What does work is a short but sweet comment on one one your listing asking if the host if they would consider it item as a Host Pick. Give it a try this next week! Getting host picks grew my audience big time.

    Poshamrk tips host pick

    Become a Suggested User

    GAME CHANGER! Seriously. This time last year I had about 3k followers and sPoshmark tips suggested useraid to my husband that my goal was to get to 10k followers by this time next year. Well, after getting suggested user it reached my goal in a matter of weeks. I’m now at 65k followers and get between 500 and 1000 new ones every time I get put into the Suggested User rotation.

    Becoming a suggested user is Poshmarks’ way of thanking you for being an active part of the community by promoting your closet to everyone on the app! They look for users who have a great sales history, a full closet, clear covershots, and listing descriptions, welcoming new members and sharing others listings.

    All you have to do to be considered for the Suggested User program is email [email protected] and write a few sentences why you deserve to be chosen.

    Target Potential Buyers

    Everyone on Poshmark is a potential buyer, but what if you could target buyers by brand, size, and style? I used to just share my listings and wait for all the buyers to come to me. That is until I figured out how to proactively go out and find potential buyers. Check out my number one Poshmark secret tip here.

    Remember to treat your shop like a business and not like a garage sale. Be responsive to all questions and comments. Package your items with care – even throw in a little something extra. Even just a short handwritten note can mean a lot to your customers!

    Happy Poshing!